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Even though much of the legislation which Johnnie come lately John Key  in collusion with the likes of minority part maori sharples the recipient of a title  from the descendants of his english born and majority part other than maori ancestors on one hand generated a considerable amount  of calls to talk back radio and internet traffic, but on the surface anyway it appeared to have had buggeral effect on the  .ucking silly bugger pakeha. But on the other hand it was undisputable responsible  for the huge increase in give maori this give maori that philosophy that is now apparent. For some time now I have attempted to keep up with  what is being dished out willy-nilly and write it  up for a future book  but it has been coming so thick and fast  it has proven impossible to  keep up with it and there can be no doubt irrespective that there is a different useful idiot that thinks it has the stick and a entourage of useful fools what is happening  is the doings of slippery Johnnie come lately John Key's and the 5th columnist list MP  Finlayson.  Going back a bit to John Key and the maori party collaborator who has been played like a fish on a line for possibly his entire life, think about it emanating from his 2nd generation NZ father he is  a 3rd generation New Zealander but the guy gets done up and jumps around like who knows what he perhaps imagines, or more likely had been indoctrinated to believe a pre eropean native did and the dangerous  thing about  this is that  he has spent a lifetime  in the front of impressionable classes and audiences many of whom  were / are  mentally influenced by such like rhetoric and antics.  Depending which side of the fence you are on this is either a condemnable or a commendable thing with me being in the first camp, nevertheless many will pass this misguided false image of 21st century  part maori down to who knows how many generations. However what is blatantly obviously is that this individual  came  out of the same mold as all the pakeha imports that are imported then subsequently embedded into  government positions, by the use of jacked-up could not lose electoral seats or the fraudulent mmp party list. All of these slippery .astards are shoehorned into govt' by hook or crook dubious methods by gullible easily lead useful fools manipulation of others thereby opening and closing doors facilitated    by the gods emissaries the 5th columnists.  It may not have been Sharples directly related forefathers that colonized this country and saved the natives from them selves but it was Europeans mainly from  England, the  so called colonials  that colonized the country and lifted the maori out of the extraterrestrial gods imposed geographical isolation, which had in part been responsible for the creation of a almost Neolithic Polynesian population living as warlike, illiterate, cannibals with a subsistence economy, after listening to the rhetoric that spews from the mouths  of so many of these mainly genetically other than Polynesians we would have to be living in a totally back to front arse-about-face  allice in wonderland, cloud-cuckoo-lands to nominate then award these useful fools english titles & gongs. It is obvious to me that the fine sanctimonious words and rewards are not for services  to the commonwealth and the country but to some other and at the moment all I can think of that makes any sort of sense, to me anyway, even though it is way out of the ball park and conventional thinking is the extraterrestrial gods, or those that liaison with them and have one foot in the  c-300 loop.
Today the word pakeha still means as it did almost 200 years ago, meaning other than maori, non-natives of New Zealand. And there is nothing to be gained from picking over the term 'natives of New Zealand' because according to Captain Cook's and other journals written at the time early non maori had no doubt or allusions that  those  they had contact with here were not native to this place. Meaning God, extraterrestrial or clergy did not put them here. But having said that I am aware that I have said and written that I have no doubt the extraterrestrial gods did open & shut doors enabling those  that about 600 or so years earlier to be embedded into what would appear to have been a civilized, civilization already here. I am not alone in my belief that there were many people here and they were known as the WAITAHA nation whose insertion into this part of the world in about 2-AD was also part of the god's big plan. The only reason according to my theory as to why this place was isolated, not by a naval blockade as Kennedy deployed against Cuba in 1962,  but some sort of mental blockade covering a selected part of the South Pacific that simply manipulated explorers minds thereby diverting them around or away from this place. This is my theory which in my opinion does not necessarily make me a basket case, although I acknowledge you are entitled to your opinion with regards that. Nevertheless the blockade or whatever it was obviously proved effective, furthermore some believe that  the yanks and others can disrupt  weather patterns and create storms and earthquakes, artificially created weather and ocean currents  may have been what diverted  ships away. Apart from a few ships that unintentionally found their way here it is my opinion  none were permitted to returned to their home ports as from time to time the tides or storms occasionally uncovered wrecks which would suggest at least those ones stayed here. the blockade was kept in place for about 600 years. According to my theory the isolation was so as extraterrestrials or some other than humans could evaluate the possibility or nearer the point the feasibility of a small group of people with some other than human know-how, assimilate a much more numinous population into themselves. (Dead people, human grieve and suffering obviously means nothing to gods or apparently the humans, the useful fools that I am sure unwittingly simply because their  ability to understand the consequents of their actions have been psychologically manipulated. Their minds default setting has being changed from the left hemisphere where logic & reason prevails to the right where what they see is what it is. The reason schools and educators are so important to the gods, 'the system' is that to  some degree they have always socially engineered the next generation to jump in the direction some useful fool (subordinate) thought the bugger with the stick. The  useful idiot (the President,  Prime Minister, Führer) these  far from idiots in one sense generally  passed  the  thought or instruction to the  subordinate in the form of a nod & wink and from what I can gather the useful fool  more often than not, got it more wrong than right and still bloody does. Subsequently if it backfired it was the fool that the stick landed on, today while the fools still passes  their interpretation of what they think the bugger with the stick wants done they do it by email then wonder why sometimes they find themselves up a .ucking creek without a paddle. Irrespective if it was yesterday or today the education systems  socially engineer the next generation to jump without a lot of argy-bargy  about how high or in what direction without asking the reasons why.
A few days ago I had a conversation / debate with a NZ born post 1975 educated individual which coincidently is only a few weeks after having had a similar but much longer session with a other than NZ born person. This individual who in my opinion has from the early nineteen seventies almost certainly unwarily had doors opened and shut to manoeuvre him specific,  'because of his heritage' into the Auckland University. A state funded institution that  for years has been a rats nest of .ucked-up want-to-be communists, subversives, trade union sympathizers and radicals of all sorts where malleable easily led fools are indoctrinated by useful fools into believing they will resurrect democracy  by applying a anti democracy ideology before their pre-planned insertion into the  NZ  Public Service as more  useful fools. It is my opinion that why both the NZ born  post-1975 educated and the pre-1975 born and educated foreign implants are picked  and nurtured from  childhood for these almost hand-me-down inherited positions or appointments, within what Queen Elisabeth has been quoted as referring to as the FIRM. C-300 aka the corporation of the city of London is that neither  know any different and  assume what they are told especially by a maorified government university is  the right and accepted way New Zealanders see the world and today  from the majority's perspective arse-about-faceisum is a reality. It would appear to me that like a former Race Relations Commissioner these people worldwide are marked for future attention while at school, possible even preschool. Consequently  from what I can gather  these orchestrated moves to NZ and  eventual enrolment at the Auckland University cannot be coincidental because all  these individuals I have researched, home grown and imported during  my writing  that  end up sucking from the tax payer's tit have done time at predominantly two NZ universities. Therefore to me anyway it is obvious that by the time the NZ born kids who have had their tickets clipped  have done their time at school they are mentally ready for the propagandises as they, like the born and educated elsewhere imports are then by default right hemisphere thinkers that know no other. Meaning what they see and hear is what it is. By the time  the NZ born that are already in ROME 'metaphorically speaking' and the foreign born get to university both are equally as malleable, consequently both easily adopt the principle of ' when in Rome do as the Romans do'.  Additionally  if the majority  identify as maori simply through their apparent  acceptance of  this  pseudo  culture that is in reality when accessed on a percentage of  their ancestry, foreign  to their majority ancestry I can't see then ever rejecting anything they are told, therefore most join the sheep and adhere to the  roman principle rather than jeopardizing their position by making waves & rocking the boat.
Nobody needs to be very well educated or bright to understand why we were conditioned or more aptly indoctrinated to believe the country needed  a mixed member proportional representation (MMP)  type government which the sheep predictably voted one into power, or in our indoctrinated  right hemisphere mind thinking believed  the election result was the doings of democracy in action. Obviously why we still have mmp is so as they, (who .ucking ever they are, c-300, extraterrestrial gods or otherwise) can open & shut doors thereby embedding these parasites, not that any of them realize it into positions  where they all do more harm than good. These higher placed useful fools, are c-300 5th columnists in the true sense of the word hidden in plain view for anyone that wants to look or see them. And as incredible as it is, the majority perhaps as many as 80% of the population still think they know the definition of the word 'democracy' which incidentally is supposedly a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.
Nevertheless I told her the whole  story, she tells me to come with her and heads straight to the desk I had just left. Shit she had the sheila jumping from one filing cabinet and computer to another, and finally produced the evidence that I had misses the  last couple of 6 monthly appointment, because I had not been told, she even produced letters from the local optometrist  and the hospitals' Hamilton specialist that sees me asking why I was not being seen. Anyway there was apparently .uck-all they could do there and then because the guy was on leave and  would not be back until September, so in the meantime they jacked up a appointment with the   optometrist for the side vision test and I saw the guy towards the end of September. And was reminded just how important it was not to miss appointments, .uck there was no need to .ucking tell me as my dad went blind from the same bug and missed appointments, that is the problem with glaucoma there is no  vision problem or pain until it is too late. In spite of all the drama and time that had gone  past the situation with my glaucoma is stable and the pressure was slightly lower than the last time he saw me. (Now in hindsight  I hope aunties eyes benefited from my appointments.)
Will .uck worrying about the totally irrelevant elections that have been determined possibly years before we and that includes without any doubt perhaps as much as 99.99% of the politician's themselves even know the  date the sham is going to happen.
Because like many other rantable happenings in this country most are over taken by another manufactured head-line event and very few worry about yesterday's news. (And that's one thing potus Trump in his early knew no better  state got right before he was brought under control was his  claim about fake news, now that he does know better he rarely refers to it as bluntly. Even though it would appear to me that here in what was not that long ago known as gods own country most of these doings that just a few years ago would have been unimaginable, today they are seen by the indoctrinated majority the .ucking sheep the silly bugger pakeha as being the doings of a normal democracy.
Will it is now nearly the end of JUNE 2019 and I think  the sites health is nearly as good as I am going to get it with regards  its previous troubles but  like  my books they will never be finished as every time I turn the computer on I alter some .ucking thing and that inevitably leads to some  .ucking thing else. Nevertheless while I can say this website is physically OK in that I think at the moment it is working as intended  alas I cannot say the same about my  state of mind. And the biggest contributing factor to that is because it is not that many years ago a big proportion of those that had hold of the stick were in the main males that had grown-up in the real world, they had knowledge backed-up with experience, the majority of them knew the consequences' of their actions. clever old school pre 1975 educated buggers were more than likely for the want of a better term more grown-up  (older) & cleverer than me at the time.
Will nobody has to be very bright or well educated to see that it is almost 3 and a half years since I last looked at this page, but the drama with these .astards down the road, these civil servants who have forgotten or more correctly never been told that without  patient's they would be out of a job is still ongoing, about two months ago I thought that my six monthly appointment was somewhat overdue. So finally went and enquired as to what the status was. Will this tangata whenua tells me in a manner that conveyed what I can only imagine  she considered her superiority in everyway, that because I did not confirm a appointment (that was later established had not been sent) I had missed out because  they (she) was not sending out repeat appointments then reminders and she may as will  said, ('to silly bugger pakeha' )then told me that they had no free slots as she called them for another couple of months. (She may not have but I can just imagine her saying "never mind aunty  you come on Monday and you can have that pakeha's appointment".) Anyway as I was wondering what to do about it as I walked past a office  where a charge nurse had just finished tearing into a couple of junior nurses and was ushering them out of her office she asked me in more or less  the same way  what was my problem.
You the other buggers  won't be able to write on this page , but there will always be a tweet or a lead in to  what's posted here on the any buggers rant page where you can and hopefully do have your say.  Furthermore I don't see why I cant include the facility so as others can sell anything they want to  divest themselves of.  In addition I think I will also use it for a blog site, and Holy shit  even the dogs think it is a good place to set up our soap box, which means this page will eventually become ours (the dogs & me) grizzle page.
Subsequently as I can no longer recognise normality as I once knew it, I like many others some-days now don't know if I / we are Arthur or Martha (and there is no connotation with regards homosexuality intended by the use of that phrase,) because while I am somewhat confuse I am not that doolally that I think I am Martha. Or though I will admit  the normalisation by those that nowadays have the stick of those that truly don't know, or don't want to be Arthur or Martha is undeniably  more in your face these days and the fact that a number of so infected individuals are embedded into some of the highest offices in the land is also undeniable. (It would appear to me that most of these individuals, these almost parasitic not what they seem are list party appointees and as such, to say they were elected into office is incorrect therefore to claim they were embedded into these selected key positions is more right than wrong.)   You can scroll down using the sidebar or your mouse
As far back as I have looked there has been New Zealander's in positions apparently unobtainable by citizens of that country in positions of power and authority, so try and  think outside the box of conformity as to why this happens and just to name a very few. There is;  Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Rodney Park, then  coming down the pole considerably and more recently there is Helen Clark, John Key, and what was our supposedly democratically elected  Führer Jacinda Kate Laurell Ardern doing in the United Kingdom in the early 2000's as a policy advisor to British Prime Minister Tony Blair and being seconded to the Home Office to help with a review of policing in England and Wales. Then in 2008, she was elected President of the International Union of Socialist Youth. Ardern also became a list MP in 2008, a position she held for almost ten years until her obviously jacked up election to the Mount Albert electorate in the 2017 by-election,  She was then unanimously elected as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on 1 March 2017, following the resignation of Annette King. Ardern became Leader of the Labour Party on 1 August 2017, after Andrew Little who would have never lead the Labour Party to a election victory resigned  following a predicable low poll result. It could  easily be argued that both King and Little were appointed then the doors were again opened and shut so as malleable Ardern could be effortlessly maneuvered  into the premiership, a position she undoubtable thinks she has achieved  solely on her own merit because she is a clever bugger the poor silly pakeha another useful fool. The above will take me straight into the myth of  democratic elections some other day o4/o7/19 Because I created my other sites as platforms to sell my books and included the word BOOKS in the domain names it seemed just a little hypocritical once I made the decision to sell other than books on them. Initially I only  acquired this Domain name '' to secure it some other bugger nailed it. Subsequently I have decided tobefore  build this site practically for no other reason than that I could and use it to have my say on anything that I had to say about anything that pissed me off and  sell anything  I have created or no longer want or need.  According to the eye specialist  at the local hospital  every time I see him he tells me   that he wants to see me  in no longer than 6 months time. The last appointment only happen months after the 6 month time span because I went and queried as to when it was going to happen, only to be given a truck load of bullshit about waiting lists etc.  As I how firmly believe that every thing pertaining to officialdom in this bloody country is back to front actually arse about face these buggers, who all think they are cleverer than a cart load of monkeys. With no disrespect to the monkeys, probably  figure, the less times they see me the sooner  I will go blind, then they can  .ucking take me off their .ucking list. Yesterday I went down there and again was told about their .ucking waiting list as if the fact people who were in danger of losing their sight were the prime cause of their .ucking waiting lists.  I am very reluctant these days to go off half cocked about anything because you just never know who is waiting for a excuse to point the bloody finger and claim god only knows what.
And in tandem we have those with still some NZ pre european blood that those with no pre european NZ blood have lent over backwards to facilitate having iwis appointed, useful fools those that have had doors opened and shut for them into  council offices and  public and private board rooms is unbelievable. Actually how we have let it happen would be to the sheep if they thought about it with their left hemispheres almost incomprehensible especially if they applied their granddads idea of a country and a system what the now migority considered a democracy. Therefore, to say these useful fools were elected into office is not only incorrect it is straight out lying and nothing less than more or less communist inspired propaganda, dressed up as democratic socialism a ideology which the current New Zealand Prime Minister makes no secret about adhering to, although I have never seen or heard the media ask her about. For years the education systems main focus was  too generate a do & die attitude, in their pupils, for the boys it meant patriotism, military cadets and loyalty to ones country and way of life, for the girls it was do your duty (keep the home fires burning) and assist with the war effort on farms and in factories etc. Then as now I am sure the majority of teachers did not realized they were being used and psychologically manipulated as useful fools and could sometime in the future possibly be held more culpable for the premature deaths of millions than the politicians of the time. I realize I have just contradicted my own theory with regards the premature deaths as anyone that has read any of my other than the BOB BOOKS may have noticed. While in the context of the above sentence and for their families those sacrificed in most cases condemned to death by their own politicians their deaths were undeniably premature. However in the context of my hypothesis and why the Homo sapiens were created the deaths were definitely not premature. Without a manufactured war there would and still is no way those that liaison with the gods could or can cause the deaths of a significant number  of their young men without a massive kick back from those that elected them into office. (Hence national security, manufactured wars) People are nothing it is what the clergy would have us believe are our souls that are the important aspect of humanity and to the extraterrestrial gods the energy or whatever you want to call it released from the soul of young matured males has more bang for the dollar. With thousands of years of history and  who knows how many times countries have been caught with their pants down totally unprepared in any way for war it is somewhat understandable to why it was thought necessary to socially engineer  society. Obviously it was done so as post school if a useful idiot a President/ Prime Minister/ Fuhrer verbalised about war and a useful fool (subordinate) thought the bugger with the stick wanted the bugle blown & the flag unfurled the pre conditioned would flock to the recruiting sergeants  desks. In the majority of cases this was done like lemmings  jumping off a cliff without any thought as to why, or how far down they were going to fall, the do & die syndrome.  The main contributing  factor relating to the difference between  before arse-about-faceisum  became the new normal, is that it is not that many years ago in the western type countries politicians worldwide were the servants of the people and at least made some attempt to honour their pre-election  promises and it was considered the normal way of running a democracy. However since that time it would appear that the politicians and the majority of officialdom are nothing more than conduits for the United Nations new world order idea. Today it would appear that what is considered the real world is more like what was once thought cloud cuckoo-land would be like. Because the politicians certainly don't make any effort or attempt to answer to the people that thought they had voted them into power and it is definitely not the promises made to the people that are being honoured, because their first loyalty appears to be to some other and my money is on the extraterrestrial gods.  Although with the majority of MP's being from party lists, and more iwi appointees  being given the stick each day we are for all intents and purpose already  under minority rule. Subsequently in reality those NZ born post 1975 have no more access to inherited knowledge of the country's history consequently are as easily indoctrinated as are the   immigrants and their descendants who have no pre 1975 educated to bounce the government  indoctrators  false history since 1840 off. To fit the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples the pakeha dominated governments have colluded with the UN and now pass over the problem of the pre 1250 or thereabouts tangata whenua as being the descendants of earlier generations of what were pre 1975  tangata maori people. (To anyone that has not had their minds corrupted by these moralless, misguided .astards that sentence has the main characteristics of old socialist and communist propaganda it that it  hold some  elements of the truth. Consequently what use to be pre 1975 tangata maori became post 1975 tangata whenua and the treaty gravy train was back on the rails. In this instance  while I don't think the 1250 invaders realized it  but I am sure the leaders  of the Waitaha Nation did, nevertheless these two  groups did have a long common history  pre the Easter Island era but there was certainly no common blood connection, but that simple small fact does not deter the government employed useful fools. (Today it is not possible to become a public servant without kowtowing to “principles” of the Treaty of Waitangi. Public servants are a captive audience for the maorified propagandist because they know their livelihoods, job security, and promotion prospects are on the line as their commitment to the treaty is constantly being assessed, they also know the threat of having to speak maori proficiently will soon become a reality. Those that stick it out will come under the stick to learn Maori language and those not adept at this could find their careers stunted or stalled. Consequently I can see sooner rather than later there will be mass resignations and dismissals from the public service to open doors for the 150,000 pseudo maori te reo maori language speakers that Te Puni Kokiri claim Maihi Karauna will need to indoctrinate the million New Zealanders that Ardern's tribal /socialist  government says will be required to speak some “Maori-lite”. What the .uck-ever that is and why would she say required, it would seem that the number was part of some deal. Then when I read about the connection between the Chinese company Huawei Technologies and this .ucking maori-lite cell phone app I can't help but wonder then think is more likely than not, that maori (FOCI) the country's invisible government not the visible Labour Party has done some sort of deal with China. Then because nothing is as it seems it occurred to me that it is similar to Hongi Heke and his maori/english dictionary deal in 1820. I  would put money on the fact that this whole Maihi Karauna maori charade of having  New Zealanders' that don't identify as and don't .ucking want to be maori jappering away like who knows what, in what to them/us is a  foreign, remanufactured, needless, useless, pseudo, jabberwocky updated version that is apparently not comparable to the pre european language. Just in case you think otherwise I did not just write that because I could, I wrote it because I have been told by several older persons whom I  respect and accept as maori because they are not want-a-be-maori it would be almost gobbledygook to pre 1975 speakers of te reo maori. Incidental it goes with out saying that those two people and I cant believe they are in the minority  know who they are and while  their pre european  ancestry is evident they are both on the general role. Consequently I am of the opinion that this is nothing more than another underhand attempt dreamed up by other than maori, without doubt those that control the united nations to have list party 5th columnists stack practically all government positions with useful fools that identify as maori, but in reality are no more Maori than I am Scottish or English. By doing so nobody could come up with a better scheme than rangatiratanga to destroy the New Zealand economy. I am of the opinion that if  these future te reo maori language teachers were judged on academic qualifications from a couple of decades ago most would fail, therefore these semi illiterate individuals whether they are proficient maori speakers or not will be given the tax payer funded task of re-educating Ardern's  million with no maori ancestry. (I would imagine it will be a task similar to shovelling cow-yard shit uphill with a round mouth shovel and will be no more successful and when, or if the money dries up so will it but like all these rangatiratanga schemes the psychological  damage to thousands of kids will take generations to expunge. It is my guess the main qualifying condition for these misguided individuals will be which box they ticked on the electoral commission's form,  YES I AM A NZ  MAORI, or NO I AM NOT A NZ MAORI. Then on the other hand there are the majority educated since say 1975 that appear to be hell bent and determined to return the ideology, the thinking back to a pre treaty date, these are either the brightest or dumbest of the poor sick dumb .astards that can without doubt be referred to as useful fools. (The term useful fool was coined by the old Russian styled communists to describe people they had turned and were using for political gain in the Western styled democracies.) Then there is a growing number of those educated pre 1975 who after decades of having maorification and government propaganda rammed down their throats, have given up  trying to enlighten their descendants  and for the sake of family relationships now see nothing and hear nothing and just hope they are dead before the shit hits the fan. Observing the direction and intensity of the maorification agenda it indicates to me that it is designed by the extraterrestrial gods and enacted by useful pakeha fools and some of those that have been pulled into the net by ticking boxes and signing what appear to be benign declarations without thinking and consequently have become useful maori fools. A few of these useful fools not only become unelected list members of parliament but unknowingly become 5th columnists and  puffed up self important useful fools  who are generally more pakeha than maori iwi appointees to local councils, government departments and now a growing number of  private and public companies. Immigration is another misdiagnosed scam, while the fake news portrays them as refuges and displayed persons, a explanation accepted by most of us silly buggers however the real reason most immigrants had doors opened and closed for them was to enable their acceptance into the country as being what they seemed. (Remember nothing today is what it seems.) This quickly expanding group of people that know no different are more easily indoctrinated into believing the maorification propaganda and swear allegiance to the .ucking principles of the treaty possibly thinking it will get them a seat on the gravy train, rather than swearing allegiance to the Crown or the country. These peoples' minds are like putty in the hands of the maorified indoctrinators because unlike New Zealand born children they have no inherited knowledge of what was the status quo a generation ago, subsequently do not see the need to challenge or question the indoctrinator's nonsense. Neither do the poor dumbed down brainwashed useful fools at the front of the room. Although having said that  it is obvious that many of today's parents and now grand-parents having been educated since 1975 and  successfully indoctrinated accept and believe that those that have self identified as having  a % of maori ancestry successive  governments have counted as being 100% maori are entitled to be at the top of the pole. The thorny question as to just how much maori ancestry individuals actually have will not be answered until after the all maori appointed government is firmly and legally ensconced in the best offices at the bee-hive and local council offices. Then the shit will hit the fan when those that identify as tangata whenua realize they are no better off than the majority dumbed down, pathetic silly bugger pakeha. (all those that honestly ticked the  not what it seems electoral commission form stating  YES I AM A NZ  MAORI, or NO I AM NOT A NZ MAORI.)
Today it would seem to me that about 90% of the mature males, men that thought or reasoned with their minds left hemisphere, men that took advice or considered the other view point then knew what they were going to say and the ramifications of what their words or actions would be, many of these men that dominated parliament and such like positions of authority  have been bloodlessly culled and replaced with females of which perhaps as many as 90% of them appear to be as scatter-brained as many teenage school girls or rabbits. Or perhaps (march hares) or a cart load of monkeys, with no disrespect to neither the rabbits nor the poor bloody monkeys.  I am convinced that former Prime minister, Aunty Helen Clarke has one foot in this group c-300 that is subservient to the Corporation of the city of London that liaison with the extraterrestrial gods and has been since she was taken out of pseudo politics and moved off shore. Furthermore irrespective of what she does in the future, if she like Queen Elisabeth wants to die in her own bed  she will continue to have one foot in the gods loop.