I guess you could call me a JACK OF ALL TRADES, but I am sure some uncharitable buggers would add, AND MASTER OF NONE, nevertheless I have managed to keep bread on the table without the help of any educated  .astard and from what I have seen for at least the last decade their  worthless  certificates & dioplomas.
Since leaving school the last 60 years have been spent  mainly in the Central North Island of New Zealand on dry stock farms, rural trucking, and for a few years prior to retirement engineering in support of a timber proccesing plant.
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This website  is at the moment  somewhere in the 10 year plan but if you are in the hunt for a  autobiography that covers 70 odd years from 1941 to bloody near the day before yesterday click on my mate Scruffy, the black handy dog.

This site is being built but because I have found myself bogged down since dec 2015 in the writing of a new book (ARSE ABOUT FACE) it is likely to remain unfinished  until the book is completed, nevertheless  if you have any suggestions click on  the magpie that looks as though he is going somewhere for a contact form, as I would really be interested in what you may have to say.